Basic Settings

The Edit menu allows the user to access the necessary options required for the fundamental settings of any operation mode in FePEST.

 The Edit menu allows access to the Problem Settings dialog and options to edit, reload, change and create the FEM file.


The option Save parameters in FEM file can be very beneficial to verify the Problem Settings associated to Parameter Definitions such as initial parameter values and interpolation techniques. For example, typically the adequate number of pilot points used for the interpolation is unknown, a new FEM file can be created based on the distribution of pilot points to verify their spacing before even initiate a single model run.


Calibration Workflow

The terms parameter estimation, history matching and calibration are used synonymously in this context.

The history matching process targets the estimation of a parameter set that optimally satisfies both the historical observations and - if provided – the prior knowledge. The resulting parameter set is a calibrated model.

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